Hello Games Studio Flooded…..Again

It’s been a bad Christmas for UK-based indie developer Hello Games. On Christmas Eve, the developers at the studio discovered that their workplace had been flooded due to the inclement weather which is currently battering the southern part of the UK. Presumably losing a ton of assets and code, Hello Games remained optimistic, but were stunned yet a second time when it was revealed that their insurance did not cover the damage caused by the flood.

Fate seems to have it in for poor old Hello Games, as Guildford, the town in which the studio is based, is likely to be flooded once again, reports DualShockers. Hello Games expressed a typically British outlook on the situation, remaining humorous despite the difficult time, via Twitter:




Hopefully, the studio’s current project – the procedurally-generated exploration game No Man’s Sky – can still see the light of day. No Man’s Sky delighted audiences when it was revealed at the VGX awards show in December, so hope remains that the game will still see the light of day. Hopefully that’s the last of the floods that Hello Games have to deal with. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.