Crackdown Dev Creating Unreal Engine 4 Action Title

Ruffian Games, developer behind the 3rd-person open-world action game Crackdown are working on a new action-adventure title using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, according to a report by OnlySP.

Some investigations on their part into the LinkedIn profiles of various employees  at Ruffian Games revealed that several members of staff include “Untitled Action Adventure Game” and “Unreal Engine 4” as projects in development.

While it’s obviously speculation, it could be a new Crackdown game or a new IP altogether – much is still vague, things like platforms or any other information is scarce. Obviously the studio will be ready to reveal whatever it is they’re working on when they get closer to to the project’s completion.

If it is a new Crackdown game, then fans of the sc-fi open-world series will have plenty to look forward to in the coming year.

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