nDreams Say They’re Developing a PS4 Exclusive

nDreams, a UK developer who previously worked on content for Sony’s Home app on PS3, has confirmed that they’re currently developing a PS4-exclusive title, according to a report by electronictheatre.

The company’s CEO Patrick O’ Luanaigh, writes of the news in an open letter:

“I’m delighted to be able to officially announce that we are working on a PlayStation 4 title, which will launch in 2014. More details will follow next year, but it’s the most ambitious game we have ever created, and we can’t wait to reveal more about it – it’s going to be something truly special.”

We hope that the game lives up to those lofty goals, and look forward to hearing more from the developer. Obviously without concrete evidence, speculation is rampant as to what it could be. What do you think? Are you excited for a PS4 exclusive? Let us know in the comments below.