Disney Drop Controversial Energy System In Where’s My Water 2

Free-to-play style energy systems are controversial at the best of times, so when they are implemented badly, people really get mad. This was the case for Disney’s Where’s My Water 2, which held players back with an energy mechanic that either left you waiting, or buying your way to swift victory. Thankfully Disney have listened to fans, and have changed the way the game works.

Joystiq have reported that update 1.1.0 completely removes this system, making it a much more child friendly. On the update description on the iTunes, as well as Google Play page, states that players who paid for the extended energy meter will be gifted 2 monster bundles. The update will also bring two new areas, the Winter Woods and a Bayou.

What do you think? Will that entice you back to Disney’s mascot title? Let us know in the comments.