Sci-Fi Title Darkout Receives Major Patch Update 1.2.3.

 Christmas presents abound for fans of Darkout, created by Allgraf studios. The group have just released a major patch for the title known as patch update 1.2.3. Adrian Banninga, CEO of Allgraf explains what is contained within the update. 

“Our passion in creating an awesome gaming experience, has always been paramount and with patch 1.2.3 we have implemented some big changes to the Darkout world”, said Adrian Banninga, CEO of Allgraf. “The latest patch implements a more detailed tutorial, along with a redesigned user interface, to assist  the player in their fight for survival. We have also refined other features within the game and have fixed all outstanding bugs as we develop and expand on the Darkout world.” 

Darkout is likely to follow the formula of Minecraft and Terraria with consistent, significant updates that shall radically alter the landscape of the game. For more details be sure to check out the official Darkout site here. Darkout is currently on sale via Steam at £8.50 if you want to check out this sandbox PC, sc-fi action title. Have you already tried Darkout? What have you made of it so far? Let us know what you think in the comments below.