Gone Home Being Remade as a 16-Bit RPG by Fan

Gone Home has received a great amount of attention this year and has collected many fans. One of those fans wants you to experience Gone Home in a different way; in the style of a 16-bit JRPG.

Seth Macy posted on Twitter about his one-man project, which he describes as a ‘demake.’ A demake is a re-imagined version of a newer game in the style of a retro games, such as Team Fortress Arcade. Macy is using the RPG Maker XP to create his version of Gone Home that resembles a 16-bit RPG, demonstrated in the screenshots below.


Work on the demake began on Dec. 21with Macy already publishing an early version, but said they may not work due to files not being packaged properly.

The project originally started off when Macy got RPG Maker and wanted to make a game for his son filled with JRPG clichés. However, “Knowing that people are genuinely interested is really motivating,” He told IGN.

A link for the game will be shared once completed, and with support from the Gone Home developers The Fullbright Company who gave Macy the go-ahead to continue with the demake.

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