VGU Awards: Top 5 PC Games

The beauty of PC gaming is that it is truly a diverse field. From the biggest budget title to the smallest Indie experiment all games see greater modification and diversity within the PC gaming world. With PC titles constantly changing and evolving it’s quite difficult to pin down exactly what has shined through this year. Eventually we at VGU brought together 5 titles which we think are the top of the pack for PC gaming in 2013.

5. The Swapper 

 Facepalm Games really came up with something inventive in the form of The Swapper. This puzzle-platformer goes back to the classic side-scrolling 2D design whilst simultaneously introducing a cloning system which allows the player to move any of their character duplicates in order to solve the puzzles and environmental hazards scattering the Planet. A clever use of lighting that prevents or restricts certain types of clones adds a nice difficultly curve whilst a story revolving around a race known as the Watchers forms an atmosphere of dread and chills as you explore the run down facility.

HAWKEN smokeymech


4. Hawken 

Whilst small indie titles always do justice it wouldn’t quite be a top 5 PC countdown unless we included a multiplayer centred title of some sort. Hawken is the latest to bring a fresh spin to this ever expanding genre. Developed by Adhesive Games Hawken is a multiplayer mech based title that includes mass customization, different styles and mech types whilst bundling this variety within an addictive Team Deathmatch or Deathmatch kill or be killed formula.
As with all MMO’s there is always room for expansion and Hawken looks to do just that with Co-op, ‘sieges’ and Horde modes all included or planned to be introduced at a later date. There is nothing quite as satisfying as close range mech fighting and Hawken looks to be the dominant experience in this area for some time.

prison architect

3. Prison Architect 

Ever wanted to play Zoo Tycoon but you know, look after prisoners instead of animals? Well Introversion Software’s Prison Architect gives you exactly that. A top-down construction and management sim Prison Architect sees you managing the Prisons bills, facilities, staff and wardens. Equally the prisoners have to be kept under control and satisfied in order to prevent total disorder. It’s the same delicate and addictive balance of maintaining calm, altering finances and making sure the staff do their jobs and placing all of this within a sandbox prison just adds a fresh dimension to the experience.

 don t starve  unwanted guest at night by syazwaniwanie-d664mmm

2. Don’t Starve 

Having been in development for a while Don’t Starve has roots and inspiration from both Minecraft and Terraria but still makes its own unique world and aims. By supplementing the title with survival horror elements such as preventing starvation (ironically) stabilizing your own insanity and dodging the hordes of incredibly powerful enemies, Klei Entertainment have gone out of their way to bring us a darker alternative to the sandbox survival genre. This emphasis on simply surviving in a gothic world is Don’t Starves greatest strength and it will only continue to improve over time. Now, how long can you keep Wilson alive in this environment?

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1. Papers, Please 

Whilst our top 5 has been dominant with Indie titles Papers Please is perhaps the most simplistic title, yet it has formed something quite unlike anything else out there.  Designed by a single individual known as Lucas Pope, Papers, Please is based within the communist state of Arstotzka where the players takes the role of immigration inspector between the nation and border town, Grestin. Not only does Pope make simply checking immigrants papers addictive and challenging but the game is woven tight by a captivating story involving smugglers, spies and terrorists.
 It is a testimony to the idea that a game need not be a large or flashy in order to be successful. A unique idea executed and supported by a strong narrative can conquer pretty much anything in today’s diverse PC market and Paper’s Please does just that. Can you keep Arstotzka safe whilst also providing for your family? These two principles are all Papers, Please needs to succeed and I hope to see even more from Lucas Pope in the future.

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