Jade Dynasty Regenesis Now Live

The latest expansion for Jade Dynasty, a free-to-play MMORPG by Perfect World Entertainment, is now available. As the fifth instalment to the game, Regenesis adds many new features to an already diverse experience, including two new classes, a new race, and an improved guild system with upgradable alliance bases.

The two new classes by themselves are pretty exciting, with the Psychea capeable of summoning mechanical allies, while the male-only Kytos wield the brutal power of a half-lion. Though that’s not all, as this expansion also brings with it an updated graphics engine and a reworked starting experience, including a new, more engaging, sprawling start zone.

Matthew Pecot, Product Manager at Perfect World Entertainment commented, “Regenesis is Jade Dynasty’s fifth expansion, and with fourteen classes now available, the game continues to grow. We’re always striving to deliver the new and engaging content that our players love.”

For more information on the new classes and to download the game, visit the official website at perfectworld.com.

Do you love Jade Dynasty and its new expansion? Are you looking forward to controlling mechs, or are lions more your thing? Let us know what you think in the comments.