Wallets at the ready, the Steam Holiday Sale 2013 is here.


Tis the tradition of most gamers these days to forget that we need to buy gifts for others and to instead indulge ourselves in the goodness that is the Steam Holiday Sale. The sale has just gone live so if you are feeling festively ready to grab flash and daily deals then you are in luck. It’s like I always say, it’s not Christmas until Steams prices plummet. Starting off the daily deals with titles like Batman: Arkham Origins, Dishonoured, The Stanley parable and Bioshock infinite, it’s clear to say that we are getting a choice worthy of Santas sack to choose from. 


With a total of 2000 games going on sale, don’t forget to check back each day as the deals are here and gone before you know it, especially the flash sales. Aswell as prices that you will joyously giggle at, there is bonuses in the form of trading cards and snow globes to collect that will unlock items that directly tie in to many free to play titles, such as DoTA2, Warframe, and of course Team Fortress 2. And before I sign off, can we take a minute to thank GabeN for this wonderful time. If you wish to praise the God of cheap gaming then follow this link.

Are YOU ready to spend all your money?  Tell us which games grab your attention (and potentially your money) in the comments below.