By Downloading Pokémon Bank You Get a Special Gift Pokemon For Free

The Pokémon Company today have announced that Pokémon trainers who download Pokémon Bank at anytime between December 27th, 2013, and September 30th, 2014, will receive a special gift for their Pokémon X and Y games.

What is that special gift? The Mythical Time Pokémon, Celebii.

This gift Celebii will be Level 10 and will know the moves Recover, Heal Bell, Safeguard and a brand new move called Hold Back; a move in which always leaves the target with at least 1 HP (like the move False Swipe, except special attacking rather than physical). A pretty cool gift for any Pokémon fan.

What do you think of this special gift? Is it a good choice of Pokémon? Or would you have preferred something else?