Far Cry 4 Could Bring RPG Elements, Co-op and Online Companion Modes

Thanks to a source close to the newest Far Cry development (who has been speaking to Examiner.com) we now know the direction the Far Cry franchise is taking:

“Far Cry 4 is coming on strong. Currently code named Omega (nothing to do with Blood Dragon, funny enough). Open world with RPG elements mixed in. Will have co-op and an online companion too.”

Far Cry seems to be becoming more of an RPG which is definitely an odd change to the franchise. How this will combine with the co-op and online play is unknown but at least one thing is clear, Far Cry 4 is going to be very interesting…

But what do you think of this Far Cry 4 news? Does it sound good? Or should they stop messing with the Far Cry formula?