Valve enter the great operating system war with SteamOS.

Competing with the console market is a priority for any company based around PC gaming, and accessibility is one of the major roadblocks in making that fight a fair one. Hence why Valve is opting to make PC gaming a more family orientated affair, with the release of “Big Picture” last year, and now the deliverance of SteamOS. The new operating system is made on a Linux based model that offers a lot more game compatibility that previous Linux OS’s could not. Linux and Valve have been working together for some time now and the result is the new Steam Machines which are hoping to push pc gaming into the laps of more consumers. 

One of the best parts of Linux’s whole creed is that they believe in free software and SteamOS is not going to stray from this path. The OS is available for free download right here, but they have warned any that don’t know the ins and outs of Linux to wait until 2014 to try it out. The system will feature more options than the Steam client currently has in the coming months, including streaming video and music through synergy with already known media services, sharing your steam library with your family members with cloud saving to ensure your individual progress and family options to help persuade the living room gaming concept. 

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