Update 0.23 Coming To Kerbal Space Program Next Week

The next update to Space Exploration title, Kerbal Space Program, will be coming out next week. Update 0.23 will be adding “tweakables” to the game, which should give a bit more depth to the already unfathomably deep game. This should give veterans something new to fiddle with, as well as something else for newbies to be daunted by.

Other additions coming December 17th include general optimization and changing how you collect science points as you continue up the technology tree. The release date was announced on through the official blog, which states they will be telling all about the update at KerbalKon. Until then, at least we have the basic outline. Kerbal Space Program is still a long way off coming out of alpha, so any number of things could be introduced.

What do you think? What would you like to see in Kerbal Space Program? Let us know in the comments.