Rockstar release title update 1.07 for GTAV

Rockstar have updated GTAV to its latest iteration, 1.07. This update features a lot of fixes and changes that the online players had been waiting for.

The figurative no running signs have been removed from player owned apartments, allowing us to move at the speed at which we desire (meaning you may be able to answer the door before the person ringing the bell runs off again). Team balancing has been improved letting us stick together in our groups of friends or crew members instead of just being split on rank. A tank duplicating exploit has been fixed. Respawns have been adjusted to prevent you spawning in the same place repeatedly. Sticky bombs are no longer able to be thrown before a GTA race’s countdown has finished. Passive mode no longer costs $100, but is now completely free.

As well as many other minor changes, a huge part of the game has been opened up in the form of the content creator. Though at this early stage, players can only make races and deathmatches, the devs at R* promise more options with future updates. This is a very interesting option to add though as it will make an already fully re-playable experience, that much more expansive. 

To check out the rest of the patch notes, follow this link.

Are you looking forward to making your own content? Do you have any interesting ideas of what you want to make?Let us know in the comments below.