Overkill Date Free Christmas Heist DLC While Hinting At Something Bigger

Over the last three days, Overkill have been slowly releasing more details about their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cross-over heist. The last details about the DLC have been released, including the release date and price.

The Charlie Christmas Heist will be free next Monday, December 16, to all players. Along with robbing the GO bank, achievements, and new scope are part of the new content. A ‘Happy Santa’ mask will be given to anyone who is part of the Payday 2 Official Steam community page

This new info comes from the updated DLC page, along with a hint or two at possible future content. Firstly, their is an image of a man in a mask with a ponytail with the note “something we’re putting together for an old friend”. The man in the image is fan-favorite Hoxton, the only English part of the Payday gang from the original Payday: The Heist. The Second hint is a distorted image of a female in a cycling series of images near the end of the page. This has led many fans to speculate whether or not this is alluding to a new female bank robber.

If this is the first hint at Hoxton returning, this will please a great deal of the Payday community, who were annoyed that Hoxton’s voice actor, Pete Gold, wasn’t asked to return to the role due to the cost of hiring him.

Overkill have one last surprise, which you can hear if you click on the image of the black-hatted Santa.

What do you think? Will you be getting the gang together for a Christmas caper? Let us know in the comments.