The Remastered Sonic 2 is Coming to Smartphones Tomorrow and Includes a New Bonus

Just like Sonic 1, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is now being remastered for smartphones. While this is already good news for fans this remaster also includes a special treat.

The new mobile port will include a finished and playable version of the game’s long-lost Hidden Palace Zone, a zone that was originally meant to be a special level which would showcase Sonic’s new Super Sonic form. However, the Hidden Palace Zone and the idea behind it was scrapped during the original games development but was found again when players starting sifting through the games code.

If your a Sonic fan then you may want to update Sonic 2 or give it a download again to check this remaster out.

What do you think of this remaster? Did Sonic 2 need an upgrade? Let us know in the comments below!