Overkill Rolls Out Payday 2 Christmas Heist Crossover Details *UPDATED*

Overkill enjoy a special relationship with Valve. Not only does there games revolve around the premise of “Left for Dead with zombies”, but they even made a special mission in Payday: The Heist set in Mercy Hospital during the first moments of the outbreak. This continued in the recent Armored Transport DLC, which lets you steal the TF2 Engineers turret. For the “first annual Overkill Christmas heist” though, Overkill set their sites on Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

While not much has been released on the heists official page yet, it seems the Payday gang will be robbing a high-security bank. So far only the stealthy option has been detailed, which seems a touch more intricate that usual. The stealth option in Payday 2 isn’t the most compelling option, so we expect something big for “Plan B”.

To make things more interesting, Counter-Strike fans noticed from the few images that the bank is in fact de_bank from CS:GO. While not as fast paced, hopefully CS:GO and Payday 2 fans will both be satisfied with this Xmas offering.


Overkill have outlined the more upfront Plan B. Estimated at taking 20+ minutes to pull off, this route includes waiting for crane parts and extracting the cash through the Fulton Recovery Method, which in layman’s terms just means “attached a big balloon to it and catch it with a plane”.

A release and price for the heist hasn’t been set, but it will come with a free mod from recently introduced character Gage. As a Christmas event, it may be free, but Overkill are waiting until tomorrow to give up the full details.

What do you think? Will you be taking part in the Payday Christmas festivities? Let us know in the comments.