Borderlands 2 ‘LootTheWorld’ app launched on iOS and Android

The LootTheWorld app from Gearbox Software is the latest edition to the Borderlands 2 family, supporting the game as a real world looting device. With it, players can now scan bar codes and QR codes wherever they go to pick up items that can later be sent over to Borderlands 2.

The system works by redeeming the stamps that Gearbox share via twitter and facebook, which allow the scanned items to be unlocked in-game through the player’s SHiFT account. While the app is currently only available in North America on iOS and Android, Gearbox have expressed an interest in making the feature available worldwide, local laws and regulations depending.

While QR codes are not a particularly new addition to the series, with both Borderlands and Borderlands 2 containing hidden QR code messages and easter eggs, it is an interesting new spin on the concept. Could this catch on and be seen in more games outside the Borderlands franchise? Are QR codes the future of looting? Let us know what you think in the comments below.