Skullgirls Could be De-Listed From PSN & XBLA

Skullgirls, the indie fighter produced by Lab Zero as an homage of sorts to Marvel vs Capcom 2, could be removed from PSN and XBL by publisher Konami.

Polygon reports that Skullgirls director Mike “MikeZ” Zaimont explained via that Konami had submitted the de-listing for approval to Sony without Lab Zero’s prior knowledge. The 2D fighter is scheduled for de-listing on Dec 17th for PSN and Dec 31st on Xbox Live.

Lab Zero are currently hard at work on a new version of Skullgirls which wouldn’t require Konami’s publishing rights, as Autumn Games and Konami are no longer partners. This new build needs to be submitted quickly as Zaimont is unsure if players will even be able to play their copies of Skullgirls. Zaimont explains the situation in detail in this broadcast:

“The horrible, terrible downside of this is that it may disappear from one or more PSNs and or Xbox Live, and the possible good upside of this is everyone is scrambling to help us get this build through testing,…..f it gets through testing then you’ll actually have the console patch this year.”

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