Forza 5: How to Beat the Microtransactions

rsz forzarewards1

Having trouble earning credits in Forza 5? Want to avoid those pesky microtransactions you’ve been hearing so much about? Don’t worry, VGU has you covered.

Forza rewards

First things first, head over to the Forza rewards website and sign in with your Xbox Live account. Once you’re all linked up you’ll be greeted with the page shown below.

You’ll be shown your tier which will be different depending on how much sweet, sweet Forza you’ve played over the course of your life, starting from all the way back in the good old days of Forza 2. I’m a bit of a Forza newbie so pretty much all my points came from Forza 5, but you could have racked up points playing any of the Forza titles shown below.

rsz forzarewards2

Whenever you rank up to the next tier you’re eligible for a reward, which is variable but for the next 23 days, at the time of writing, the rewards take the form of massive cash injections for your various Forza game profiles.

rsz forzarewards3

No your eyes do not deceive you, that is two million sitting there, waiting to grace your Forza 5 account. Enough to buy yourself the game’s flagship car, the McClaren P1, and walk away with change. The tier 1 reward was also pretty damn good, giving you one million credits, and as you can see the tier 3 reward will also throw another million your way.

All you have to do to rank up through the tiers is play the game, something you will be doing anyway if these microtransactions are bothering you in the first place.

Manufacturer Affinity Bonus

In Forza 5, whenever you race in a car, that car’s manufacturer will start to like you more and your manufacturer affinity will increase. With each level that your affinity increases, you’ll be paid more for competing in races when using that manufacturer’s cars. If you want to game the system somewhat you can just buy cars from one manufacturer across several classes. The advantage here is two-fold.

Firstly, your affinity will continue to climb, meaning you’ll be paid more. Secondly, you’re always racing in that manufacturer’s car, so you’re always being paid more than you would be otherwise. Try to choose a manufacturer who makes a wide range of cars that will be able to compete in multiple events, such as Ford who make everything from trucks and hatchbacks to supercars like the Ford GT.



Just Play the Game…and Play it Well.

It’s easy to read inflammatory articles on the internet and grab your pitchfork, but it really isn’t as bad as some people would have you believe, especially if you actually play the game. The credits come in at a decent rate and you get a nice credit bonus every time your driver levels up. It wasn’t long before I was driving my first Lamborghini so don’t think you’ll be stuck driving clapped-out bangers for 20 hours before you’ll be able to afford anything decent.

You can also turn off the driver aids, which will net you a hefty bonus to your race winnings. Also try to avoid hitting that mysterious red button that manipulates space and time as it costs you money every time you undo a massive crash.

Well that’s it folks, that’s all the secret wisdom I have for you today. Let us know what you thought of our tips and tricks in the comments below.