The Walking Dead: Season 2 Release Date Set

Telltale may already be pre-occupied with The Wolf Among Us, but that isn’t stopping them from releasing The Walking Dead: Season 2 this month.

While the games Steam page has had the price listed for a while, the page was recently updated with the first episodes due date. Episode 1: All That Remains, will be available for download December 17 through Steam, with nothing known about the console counter-parts release.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 is currently at the reduced price of £17.09, 10% less than the cost after release at £18.99. Episodes are expected to release between episodes of The Wolf Among Us, the second episode of which is expected soon. Telltale may also to announce a new series of episodes after they stated that they had acquired the rights to their “dream IP”.

What do you think? Can you take five more episodes of brutality directed at every gamers favorite nine year old? Let us know in the comments.