Meet New Friends and Go New Places in Two New The Wolf Among Us Screenshots

While the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2 is dated, we are still waiting on Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us. Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors will continue the mystery of Faith, and most likely raise more questions than it asks. Thankfully, to tide us over, Telltale have tweeted two images from the episode.

This is Jack Horner. He is fairly popular among Fables fans, and even has his own spin-off called “Jack of Fables”. Think of him as a slightly friendlier Loki, so moral shades of grey are probably going to get even murkier.


The Pudding and Pie club ties to Georgie Porgie, the pimp of Faith from episode 1. In the end of episode preview, he didn’t seem particularly friendly, which is probably why Bigby is carrying a cricket bat.

On their most recent blog post, Telltale have stated .”We’re anticipating another update on its ETA for release very soon after the holidays“, so don’t except episode 2 until after New Years.

What do you think? What do you expect in The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors? Let us know in the comments.