Sir, You are Being Hunted December Update Makes The World Easier And More Terrifying

Big Robot’s paid alpha for Sir, You Are Being Hunted seems to have turned out well for them. With enough interest to fund their development, the small studio has released monthly updates that keep evolving on a constant basis. From one month to another, tactics which previously worked may no longer be valid, and you will find new ways of beating your hunters. The December update is no different, making sure nowhere is safe.

The seventh update since the alpha launched, it introduces the poacher, an enemy that makes the forested areas that dot the landscape unsafe. Every update Bog Robot introduce an new enemy or two, ramping the challenge up. Other tweaks work towards the games future beta and gives a good idea of where they want the game to head.

You can buy Sir, You Are Being Hunted from Steam or the Big Robot site.

What do you think? Do you fear the poacher and his robotic companions? Let us know in the comments.