Gage Weapon Pack DLC Out For Payday 2 Today *UPDATED*

Overkill are very kind with the DLC for crime-spree generator, Payday 2. Not only is most of the content at least partially free, but even if you don’t own a downloadable heist, you can play it with friends as long as one of you owns it. Payday 2: Gage Weapon pack stuffs more guns, mods and masks into the game, while also giving the players a few requested features.

Overkill announced the DLC through their official site, releasing more details over time. The Gage weapon pack introduces three new weapons; The Eagle Heavy Rifle, The Signature .40 Pistol and The SpecOps Submachine Gun. Each firearm packs a wallop, aimed at players who like to deal high-amounts of damage at a cost to other attributes. Along with these new guns, every player will be given five of both the new Locked Auto+ and Locked Single+, that will change a guns firing mode permanently, increasing or decreasing specific stats. All guns with the capacity for both can be modded so they can toggle between semi-automatic and full atuo, but with no stat benefits. After using all of the mods, more will drop during loot draws.

All players will also have their gun inventory expanded, quadrupling the number of guns you can store. The four news masks however, are part of the paid version. Named after 80’s action movie stars, Dolph the Goat, Arnold the Bulldog, Chuck the Eagle and Jean-Claude the Panda, all four can all be dropped after heists. New materials and patterns will also be added, so you can now craft that fur-covered mask you always wanted.

There is still one last surprise to the DLC, which Overkill will be unveiling when the DLC becomes available on PC’s later today. While it most likely isn’t a new heist, we would like to see some form of heavy ordinance, like an RPG or Grenade Launcher. No price has been given yet either. A console date for the DLC also hasn’t been given, but it will most likely come when the next large Payday 2 patch drops for consoles.

The final part of the update has introduced grenades, close enough to what we had hoped. Each player will be able to carry 3, and can only be replenished by using a grenade case asset. On a lesser note, every player can buy assets instead of just the team leader. New achievements have been added, which are tied to the new masks and weapons.

What do you think? Do these additions tempt you back to make one more big score? Let us know in the comments.