Overkill Announce Payday 2 Prank Call Competition

Overkill, the studio behind bank robbing simulator 2013 Payday 2, are running a competition that can give you a brief cameo in the game. Announced via the official Steam community page, the competition asks players to send in fake prank calls that may possibly end up in the up in the game.

Anyone who wants to enter needs to record a short call to a bank no more than 20 seconds in length. Overkill wants them to be funny, but also not offensive of derogatory in any way. The winning selections will make their way into the game, but Overkill hasn’t specified in what capacity yet. As we said, and as Overkill give a paragraph of writing to clarify, these prank calls should all be fake if they want a chance of winning. Anyone caught prank calling a real bank will be disqualified, and get a stern talking to from their mothers.

The prank call needs to be short, sweet and funny, and the deadline is 11:59PM CET 2013/12/09, plenty of time to craft a good gag. Again, you can find all of the details on the games official Steam community page.

Our guess is they will be using the calls for the next bit of DLC. Perhaps the gang will have to pose as workers in a bank, something a little different than robbing jewelry stores and armored trucks.

What do you think? Will you be entering? Let us know in the comments.