Andrew House compares PS4 Launch Lineup to Previous Generations

 In a recent conversation with Eurogamer Andrew House has provided several comments on the launch lineup of the PlayStation 4. The chief executive officer at Sony Computer Entertainment  comments among mixed opinions of the current games released thus far for the console. House believed that the reception to the launch titles is balanced and fair, with the PS4 launch titles having more variety that those on the previous consoles via third-party support. 

“The critical reception to the PS4’s launch line-up] has been reasonably balanced. If you look back and compare it to other console launches we’ve executed, there’s a greater variety of titles. There’s stronger and deeper third-party support than we’ve seen in the past. The mix we’ve been able to establish between major well-known franchises and the emergence of good and interesting indie content is really good.”

When asked about the scores regarding, Knack which have been rather low. Andrew House altered the subject matter by looking at the future of the PS4. He was specifically discussing Destiny, Drive Club and Watch Dogs as big game changers for the next-generation. 

“But a launch line-up is just the start of the console’s life cycle and we all know just how transformative it can be. We’re able to see a roadmap of other great franchises, whether it be DriveClub, Watch Dogs or Destiny. You can see a road map of promise. It certainly seems to me to be contributing to initial excitement and anticipation around launch.”

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