135 Hour Gaming Marathon Record Attempt Shut Down on Twitch


 A world record attempt by gamer Brian Lenk, known on Twitch.tv as “Rlenk” was looking to break the longest gaming marathons session, aiming for 135 hours. However this attempt was shut down by Twitch.tv due to too many reports on the stream. No one is exactly sure as to the specifics for why Rlenk’s account was closed. It may perhaps be simply due to health concerns. Lenk would need to hit around 5 days and 15 hours of constant gaming, an attempt which killed the last gamer who tried to break it. His original stream has already covered 42 hours on World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria. Soon after, Rlenk left this message on his Facebook. 

Regardless, Rlenk has hit 1,613.114 views, with a steady 1,500 viewers at any point. It is yet to see where his account will go from here. Do you think Rlenk was blocked due to health concerns? If so, should a company have a say in an individuals choice to do as they please with their streams? Let us know what you think in the comments below.