World of Warcraft Lead System Designer Leaves Blizzard

Greg Street, Lead System Designer at Blizzard for the past six years, has departed the company. According to an article by Polygon, he is leaving to work on an unknown project that we will likely hear about in the near future.

This news was confirmed by a post on his Facebook page. In the posthe said:

“It has been epic and I have made many friends around the world and I have learned so much. But, I have a great opportunity for something new and exciting, and sadly it is time to move on.”

He went on to say on his Twitter account that his departure shouldn’t affect the future of World of Warcraft. Given the nature of Blizzard’s hiring practices, someone more than qualified should be filling his boots shortly as the studio only takes on industry veterans.

What do you think? Do you think this will effect the next WoW expansion? Let us know in the comments.