Sony UK Boss Believes That £350 Price Tag is no Longer Considered Huge

Sony UK boss Fergal Gara has recently stated in a conversation with VG247 that the price of hardware is no longer the main problem that it once was in preventing consumers from participating in console gaming. Gara believed that the rapid turnover of mobile technology, such as the Apple iPhone or iPad is tuning peoples mindsets to alter to new hardware far more frequently then was the case in the past. 

“You’re touching on the Apple effect there… actually the biggest dynamic I might see from that tech sector is readiness to change technology more rapidly, and the appetite to jump into PS4 early seems to be there,” he said. “How much of that is the seven year wait, and how much of that is conditioning by other tech sectors in which a layout of £350 is not considered huge any more, I think there might be a bit of that going on.” 

The PlayStation 4 went on sale in Europe for £350, which is far cheaper than the £429 pricing point of Microsoft’s Xbox One. “We worked really hard to get to that price point and deliver the power that we have done in PS4. With PS4 we’ve delivered the magic balance between power and price,” he added. 

Sony has attempted to price retailers that they will be able to grab more stock of the console before Christmas, although this is looking increasing unlikely as some predict stock to not be readily available until new year. Gara knows that for the sake of the fans, progress has to made to get the console out there to as many homes as possible. 

“The people that come in over the next few days, weeks and months will be the hungriest, keenest early adopters. Also, there are those who may be ready for a new console more than others. Some people bought a PS3 last week, and I’m sure they’re still enjoying that. Some people bought a PS3 six years ago, so they’re really ready to move on.”

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