First Impressions of the PS4 in the UK and the problems [Update]

The PlayStation 4, Sony’s next gen console is out now but the release for myself has not been as good as I was expecting. Much like with the release problems on release day of the Xbox One my PlayStation 4 is not behaving as expected. 

The console from a glance looks nice and is slim and lighter expected. Setting up the console was easy enough and the UI is similar to the PlayStation 3 with some minor changes making it easy to navigate. The basic package (which is what I bought) is a definite what you see on the box is what you get. Even though once set up it wants to make you aware of the PlayStation camera and the “cool” things you can do with it; you do not get one in this standard bundle which is a shame compared to the Xbox One which comes bundled with Kinect. The day one update appears next, asking you to update your console which was painless and pretty fast.

Next putting the game in is where the issues start. The installation was fine and a lot quicker than the previous generation, but starting up the game and playing it I noticed that there was a loud noise coming from the PS4. Wondering if it was meant to be that loud a closer inspection was needed. Finding that if the top of the PS4 was lightly pressed the noise would get quieter made it quite obvious that the noise coming from the disk drive was not meant to be there. This backed up by a friends PS4 whose is very quiet.

Searching around the web has shown that the issue is happening to some other people. It seems from first glance to be a casing issue. The disk drive when running is vibrating the top part of the case which causes the loud humming noise. Which might explain when placing a little pressure on the case the noise goes away.

Sony will be getting a phone call tomorrow hopefully for a replacement of my PS4. The overall experience has been a little disappointing but I will still stick with my PlayStation 4 and wait for the next gen releases such as WATCH_DOGS, The Crew and others.

Update: I will upload a video of the problem with the disk drive to allow people to see if they are having a similar issue.

Update #2: After speaking to PlayStation Support they have determined it is a abnormal noise and will replace the console. They are unsure what might of caused it and speaking to the support staff on the phone they have not at this time had a similar issue but will replace my console to see if it could be a fault that they need to pick up on.

Are you having an issue with your PlayStation 4? Does yours make a lot of noise? Let us know what you think in the comments below.