Stoic’s New Banner Saga Class Is A Nordic Tank


Stoic have introduced a new class into The Banner Saga. Announced on their official site, Stoic’s new Norse-like fights are known as ‘Shieldbangers”. Described as a “living tank”, these horned heroes will be taking on the end of the world with a beefy shield.

Shieldbangers are for all sense of purpose are the games tanks. There three abilities cover all the major damage-sponge basses:

  • Strongarm – knocks enemies back with his shield
  • Provoker – Taunts an enemy, causing them to miss a turn
  • Shieldmaster – returns damage to anyone who attacks him

This brings the class count to six, with more promised to be on the way. These should be on their way soon with the The Banner Saga: Chapter 1 out January 14, 2014.

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