Rayman Legends Patch Brings Extra Levels To The Vita Version

When Rayman Legends released earlier this year, a few gamers were irked by the fact that the PS Vita version of Ubisoft’s 2D platformer was missing 28 levels that were included in the console versions. 

Today, Ubisoft released a new patch for Rayman Legends that adds these levels to the game on Sony’s handheld. These “Invasion” levels see players vying to quickly dash to the end of a gauntlet, reaching the finish line before the time limit. For more on Rayman Legends, you can check out our review of the game.

For Vita owners, this is obviously a download that they will want to snap up as it is a free patch. What do you think? Are a Vita owner? Glad to see this content? Let us know in the comments.