Indie Gaming Magazine Now Charging Indie Developers To Review Their Games

Indie Gaming Magazine have landed themselves in hot water after changing their review policy. Previously the publication had handled reviews like most websites, a free opinion on a product measuring its good and bad points according to the reviewer. While IGM hasn’t changed the overall format, they chosen to make it a service that should be paid for at the sum of $50. An additional $50 can also be paid to the site for a 15 minute Let’s Play video.

Many are angry at this change in policy, with both game critics and developers wanting a reversal of IGM’s position. One such article, written by former IGM Editor-in-Chief Christ Priestman, measured up the pros and cons of such a move and landed heavily on the side of the argument that didn’t charge indie devs. Many feel the policy is grossly unfair due to hitting developers with the least money with a fee they could never get out of a AAA developer if they reviewed their games as well.

Alec Meer of Rock, Paper, Shotgun tweeted this earlier today in response to the move:


Developer ApplyNation were also disappointed, adding it to a “naughty list” of sites that charge for their services and how much they cost.

In reply to this, IGM Owner and Editor-in-Cheif Chris Newton has written an article detailing why they made this move and what it means for their reviews. In the post he takes full responsibility of the choice to monetize reviews and any ramifications that may have upon the site. The money for reviews goes towards paying the team of writers, editors and marketers that work for the site, as well as detailing that it is a cheaper price than what a few other sites charge. He has also stated that the money isn’t for a good review, upholding the integrity of the site.

What do you think? Are they right to charge for a review or should they do them for free? Let us know in the comments.