Competitive Play Ruined by Pokemon Battle Analyser

 Hackers have already been hard at work finding ways to help ease peoples online experiences with Pokemon X and Y  for the 3DS. Their latest work, known as the Pokemon Battle Analyser, seems to do just that. The program allows players to have full view of their online rival’s Pokemon and hidden information.

By utilizing a gamer’s PC as a wireless hotspot the Battle Analyser gathers all data being sent through WiFi. This includes Nature, Ability, IVs, EVs and movesets thus providing a huge edge for those that use the hack. By eliminating the need to second guess an opponents move or pokemon team the program simply nulifies many of the unique elements of pokemon battles. We are yet to see if anything can be done by Nintendo in relation to this issue. Would you be interested in using a hack like this online? Let us know what you think in the comments below.