Persona 5 High School Setting Confirmed Along With A Teaser Explanation

Persona 5 was announced on Sunday, and you can check Will’s thoughts on it here. While nothing was known about the game then, a few details have come out that confirms that the series will stick to a familiar path and return to older concepts.

According to translated information from Dengeki Playstation magazine, courtesy of Re:Gigen, will taking place in a Japanese high school. Every Persona game so far has taken place at least partially in a high school, and has centred around the power of rumors and the supernatural. The translation also exposes the meaning behind the chains seen in the teaser, signifying the characters being tied down by modern society.

It already seems like Persona 5 will have a distinctly darker tone than Persona 4, which although centered around a murder mystery, was a much cheerier affair than Persona 3. This is a problem many fans had with the series after Persona 4. While they enjoyed the refined mechanics, the upbeat atmosphere seemed to rob the series of part of its charm. Others had no problem with this tonal shift, which is supported by how popular Persona 4 is compared to the other games in the series. Maybe Persona 5 will marry both Persona games good points to make both camps happy.

Persona 5 is expected in Japan Winter 2014, with no word on a western release yet.

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