Survival 2299 Teaser Site Update Has A Countdown That Will Complete In Six Days

Fallout Tease

The Survivor 2299 teaser site, or Fallout 4 as some people believe, has updated. A message stating “Nuclear winter is coming in” is followed by a countdown set to finish in a little over 6 days from now, December 1.

Fan speculation is running rampant. Some think the new Fallout will be set in Boston, others think it is set in California and a few think the teaser site is a massive hoax. The morse code in the background points to the Institution, a location somewhere north of the Capital Wasteland from Fallout 3 where androids are commonplace. The second countdown on the site will end December 11, ten days after whatever the first reveal is.

If this does end up being a hoax, the perpetrators will have a lot of people to answer to. It may not even be a Fallout game, with some people speculating it could be a live series or new Fallout clothes line.

What do you think? Which way do you lean, game, show, clothes or hoax? Let us know in the comments.