Xbox One Sells Over 1 Million Units On Launch Day

Microsoft has sold over 1 million Xbox Ones worldwide since it went on sale in 13 territories yesterday. This actually surpasses the day one sales figures of the Xbox 360, which took place 8 years ago this month.

The sales figures should come as a welcome relief to Microsoft, who have had trouble convincing many gamers that the Xbox One was a worthwhile product. Since its showing at E3 this year, Microsoft has seen a string of PR gaffes, awkward interviews, fundamental policy restructures, and the “Resolutiongate” affair.

Despite everything, the Xbox One has emerged as a worthy competitor to Sony’s PlayStation 4. The 1 million mark means that the Xbox One matches the PS4 in sales so far, which launched in North America last week.

The launch hasn’t gone perfectly though, with one of our very own editors experiencing a defective unit. Several reports of failing Xbox Ones and PS4’s have also come out of America as well, so we weren’t the only ones.

As it stands, the console race seems to be neck and neck, perhaps more so now than it has ever been. It will be interesting to see how other markets decide between the PS4 and Xbox One when they launch in those territories in the future. 

The Xbox One is available now in both the US and UK, for an RRP of £429. What do you think? Are you the proud owner of a brand new Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.