Xbox One Achievements Won’t Unlock While Playing Offline

Bragging rights about getting a difficult achievement, or nabbing all 1000G, were a new draw to return to an older games on the Xbox 360. Although the system has no practical use, adding to your Gamer Score can become an addictive hobby. With the new Xbox One designed around being always connected to the internet, Microsoft have made a change to how the system works.

After a day with the system, Xbox360Achievments noticed that sometimes the system wasn’t recognizing that they had earned an achievement until hours after meeting the criteria. After taking a gander at the Xbox Official Support Page, they found out this bit of information:

“For achievements and challenges to get unlocked and for rewards to be issued, you must have an active connection to Xbox Live”

While in theory this sounds fine and dandy, sadly not all gamers have access to a 24/7 internet connection. This isn’t a huge issue, in fact to most people it is insignificant, but a fair few gamers like to both achievement hunt and can’t always stay online.

Microsoft could change this as they did with many of the Xbox One’s original features. Until then, if you have been playing your brand new Xbox One and wondered where your achievements are, don’t worry, they will pop-up once you connect to Xbox Live again.

What do you think? Do you want the return of the old Gamer Score system or are you fine with always-online? Let us know in the comments.