The Banner Saga’s Latest Trailer Is Like A Fantasy Travel Agent


Vikings were good at travelling, mainly because they murdered and pillaged for whatever they needed. They didn’t worry about trade or decency, just the common courtesy of stabbing you over a loaf of bread and maybe your wife. The Banner Saga however does have a few hang-ups on such wanton slaughter, making your trek across the harsh world a difficult affair.

No one said managing an army would be easy though, and The Banner Saga will have you taking population, supplies and distance into account if you want to reach your destination intact. It doesn’t hurt that the game looks like a Norse Disney animation either.

Stoic’s kickstarter project is getting ready to release the single-player portion of their project on PC, Linux, Mac, PSN and XBLA. While January 1 isn’t too far away now, the multiplayer component, The Banner Saga: Factions, was released back in February and is free-to-play on Steam.

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