So Many Me Kickstarter Project Underway and Promoting Backer-Only content

 It was announced yesterday that Extend Studio shall be providing indie studio support for their first Kickstarter campaign to help fund and create a all-ages puzzle platformer known as, So Many Me. The title follows a green blob known as Filo who explores a vast world to stop several villains through solving puzzles and exploiting Filo’s endless clone-like allies. Extend Studio has also revealed that they shall be teaming-up with Spicy Horse, developer of titles such as American McGee’s Grimm to get the campaign out into the public sphere. 

Those who support the Kickstarter campaign will gain exclusive, backer only content.

“Spicy Horse” Costume Pack!

Any pledge of $10 or higher (any amount that gets the game) will automatically earn you this Backer Exclusive in So Many Me! American McGee has lost two of his beloved items on the world of Xio. Filo and his many ME are only ones who can recover them.Return each of them back to the mysterious Horizon Ruin and you will get the “Spicy Horse” Costume Pack as your reward. Filo will receive the American McGee’s Grimm costume, a unique look, from Spicy Horse’s episodic adventure: American McGee’s Grimm. Filo will also gain the Akaneiro: Demon Hunters costume, a brand new look, from American McGee’s successfully funded title: Akaneiro: Demon Hunters!

American McGee, CEO of Spicy Horse has commented, “There’s a huge amount of creativity and fun on display here. “So Many Me” is exactly the sort of indie content we should be supporting if we would like to see an end to so many “me too” games”. 

Currently the Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise around $19,000 to help fine tune the currently-in-beta product and to release it for PC, Mac and Linux. Additional stretch goals include releases for PlayStation 4, Playstation Vita and the WiiU. These goals will also be tied with additional rewards, such as a level editor and allowing user-generated content. Those who pledge their support will be able to pick up reduced price digital copies, a download key for the soundtrack and various plush toys.

To see all details on the Kickstarter campaign, check out the link here. So, will you be looking to support So Many Me? Let us know what you think in the comments below.