League of Legends: Yasuo, The Unforgiven Is The Latest New Champion

Riot games officially revealed the latest champion to join their 100+ roster. 

Yasuo is the latest in Riot Games’ canon of champions, whom players can purchase for use in League of Legends, the free-to-play 5v5 MOBA game that has taken the world of eSports by storm. To put things into perspective, the Season 3 World Championship Finals took place in October, where the winning team, South Korea’s SK Telecom T1, took home a prize of $1 million, and was viewed by 32 million gamers – making it the most watched eSports event ever.

Yasuo, The Unforgiven is a melee-based fighter with high mobility, who doesn’t use mana as a resource, rather he builds a meter with his movements that allows him to gain defensive stats.  Riot has released an official breakdown of Yasuo’s lore and abilities on its official website. 

As with all champions, Yasuo will first debut on the game’s Public Beta Environment server before going on sale in the live game for Riot Points, the currency used in the League of Legends in-game store. What do you think? Are you a League of Legends player? Let us know in the comments below.