Activision Removes All Traces of Crash Bandicoot From Their Sites

It has been a while since Crash Bandicoot has made a console appearance. While created by Naughty Dog,  Activision has held ownership of the furry marsupial since 2008. Recent developments mean he may be making a come-back onto the next gen.

Rumors of his return have been circulating since the announcement of the PS4, but nothing came. Yesterday however, Reddit user Cocobandicoot posted that Activision have removed every trace of the series from their websites, and they are right. Even the series official website has been stripped down, and support pages for Activision published Crash Bandicoot titles have also disappeared.

Fans are hoping that this is a sign that someone else now owns the IP, with many hoping it has returned to the hands of Sony. Other fans are starting a Twitter campaign, using #BringBackBandicoot to show support to the idea of a reboot.

Sony’s Adam Boyes however has replied to a tweet asking about the companies possible involvement, and claims that the IP is still owned by Activision:


Interesting stuff, but it may not even be true. Activision may have removed everything because they are no longer interested in reviving the franchise, effectively killing it. Until either Activision or the party that potentially bought it speak up, we won’t know what is going on.

What do you think? Do you want to see the return of Crash Bandicoot? Let us know in the comments.