All Blockbuster UK Stores to Close

The rental chain Blockbuster may completely close by the end of the year. According to sources who talked to MCVUK, all Blockbuster UK stores have been told they will cease operating in any capacity.

This news follows after Blockbuster entered administration for the second time and that they would close 72 out of 264 stores in the UK. The aim of this move was to save costs. However, word has come from three separate stores that they will also be closing. If all stores were to close in the UK 2,000 jobs would be lost. Seems like it is better to cut and run, rather than attempt to save the dying business.

Apparently every store manager working at a Blockbuster UK was told their branches would also close. This news was reportedly delivered by UK operations manager Dave Potter. It is unknown how long the stores will stay open, but one source claims December 20 will be the stores final day.

There has been no official statement from Blockbuster UK about the validity of these comments, but if true one is sure to follow soon.

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