Honored A New Social Service Tool Which Promotes Multi-Platform Gaming Achievement

 After recently announcing their company publicly and their Indiegogo campaign Honored, a free online destination for gamers who want to chronicle their lifetime video game achievements in the real world has now increased its crowd-funding effort. Honored’s fundraiser details can be found here.

Those who contribute will be eligible to the closed beta on top of further awards, such as physical badges, signed posters and the ability to make their own, unique badges. 

“You’ve invested years of playtime into improving your Gamerscore and collecting achievements, but those achievements are locked away behind each game system’s wall garden, until now. That’s why we’ve created Honored,“ said J Eckert, founder and CEO of Honored. “The passionate community of gamers worldwide wants to recognize each other’s epic achievements, and have a tangible real-world way of representing them. Imagine, 20 years from now, opening up a shoe box, and digging through a treasure trove of badges highlighting a beloved era of gaming in your life.”

The Honored project is team up with LANFest to deal out embroidered badges at LAN parties across the US from Janurary 3rd 2014. Further perks include:

  • Every LANFest badge will be customized for each event
  •  If you place in the Top 3 for any LANFest tournament, you get another set of badges both physical and digital
  • In the future, Honored will be sending limited profile data to LANFest so you can show off your no-lag environment entitlements on your LANFest profile (in other words, badges you get for attending LANFest can be shown on your LANFest profile, once LANFest and Honored get their APIs integrated at a later date)

What do you make of the Honored project? Would it be successful when applied to physical rewards. Let us know what you think in the comments below.