Xbox One Will Not Support Twitch Streaming at Launch

With the PlayStation 4’s release last week many gamers instantly got into streaming via Twitch and Ustream broadcasting capabilities. This allows players to livestream their gameplay with an unprecedented level of freedom unseen on current-gen consoles. Microsoft had backed a similar pledge to provide streaming services at launch for the Xbox One. However, it has been confirmed that this will not be available until the, “first part of 2014” according to Microsoft. 

Microsoft originally revealed Twitch broadcasting during its E3 presentation, which can be found below. 

This is a disappointing development for Xbox One users, especially considering PS4 consumers can already stream content to both Twitch or Ustream. Hopefully Microsoft can resolve this issue and bring the Twitch and Ustream services to their platform as quickly as possible.

What do you make of this latest setback for Microsoft? Will it make a difference or are you happy to wait? Let us know what you think in the comments below.