Ryse Son of Rome Launch Trailer Lets Slip Some Story Details

The Xbox One and Ryse Son of Rome are almost upon us. Whilst the reviews might be embargoed until thursday, it’s not all quiet on the Roman front as Microsoft have released a launch trailer for the upcoming launch title from Crytek, Ryse Son of Rome.

The trailer is pretty dramatic, it almost seems like one of those ‘on the next episode of Game of Thrones’ type teasers, revealing slivers of the upcoming plot details but not enough to ruin it for you. Also add one more to the list of trailers that use Two Steps from Hell’s Hearts of Courage as the background music. What is that, like 500,000 now?

Will you be picking up Ryse Son of Rome on launch day, or are you waiting for the reviews before you decide? Let us know in the comments below.