Persona 4’s Teddie Appears in Atlus Updated Persona Teaser Website

A teaser website, designed by Atlus has been online for some while now, yet 3 images of Persona 4’s Teddie have appeared, with different varied expressions. 

The site allows you to click the images rapidly, leading to several different combinations. There does not seem to be any clear result for matching certain patterns, although this could change later on. This has lead many fans to question what the teaser site is planning to promote, is it a Persona 4 HD port for the PS3? Or something related to perhaps an entirely new title altogether? All we have to go on is the images and the sites date of 2013, 11.24, 20:00 Sunday. 

What do you think this teaser site is alluding to for the Persona series? Let us know what you think in the comments below.