Getting a Shiny Pokémon has Just got Much Easier

A new method has been discovered which allows trainers to potentially get a shiny Pokémon 100% of the time. It involves using a program called “Instacheck Hotspot”. This program checks the data being sent between the Pokémon X and Y games and looks through this information for a “Shiny Value”. Why is this important? To put it simply, if the Shiny Values of a trainer and a Pokémon match, that Pokémon WILL be a shiny.

Pokémon battles are going to get much more sparkly…

As you can imagine, various trainers across the internet have started to band together to find out who can hatch what Shiny’s, so if you want in on this make sure you check them out.

What Shiny Pokémon would you want? Or does this method feel a little bit like cheating to you? Let us know your thoughts!