Infamous: Second Son Will Run At 1080p And A “Rock Solid” 30 Frames Per Second

During the recent Playstation All Access Live launch event, Development Director for Infamous: Second Son, Chris Zimemrman, confirmed a few details about the games technical performance.

On the event pre-stream DualShockers reported that he stated:

“The PS4 for us has been great, we can fun at full 1080p, 30 frame per second rock solid, and just throw tons of triangles, tons of pixels, tons of particles at the screen. It’s just amazing. It’s actually been a surprise that it’s been this easy for us to get the game to run as fast as it does and to run as spectacular as it does.”

Sucker Punch’s PS4 exclusive won’t be out until March 21, but that should be enough time to get the neon powers to make a good light show.

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