Fallout Vault Boy Bobbleheads Now Available To Pre-Order

Tis the season, or it will be shortly anyway according to Game Informer. Gaming Heads and The Bethesda Store are ready to take your Christmas cash with a new range of Fallout Vault Boy bobbleheads that are now available for pre-order. 

Identical to their collectible counter-parts from Fallout 3, these pint-sized post-apocalyptic figures come in seven different varieties: energy Weapons, Melee weapons, endurance, lock Picking , perception, repair, and strength. They stand at 5″ tall and are expected to ship before Xmas, merry tidings indeed.

They are available both through Gaming Heads and The Bethesda Store, each individual Vault Boy will set you back $14.99. A full set is available though for $79.99 if just must have them all.

What do you think? Do you want those precious stat boosting Vault Boys on your desk? Let us know in the comments.